About Us

The Leapfrog Touring Company was established with the aim of not only promoting and representing Australian and Overseas entertainment but also with the aim of providing tour co-ordinating services for artists or shows that represent themselves.

Director Carla Wilson with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the entertainment industry has personally managed The Delltones for over 30 years. The Delltones remain one of the most consistent live entertainers in Australia with arguably the longest performing and recording history for a vocal harmony band with an original member. Carla has also worked on a number of tours other than the Delltones over the years and has earned a reputable standing within the entertainment industry.

Director Pauline Creek has over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry and over that time has worked for a number of promoters; Davidson Promotions, Starseed Enterprises, Wilson and Davidson Entertainment, Starbill Entertainment, John L Hansen Organisation, Mario Maiolo Promotions, Dennis Smith Organisation and the Hutchinson Entertainment Group on various tours for a multitude of Australian and Overseas artists.

Carla and Pauline have had a long association with each other and over the years have worked on a number of tours:
Gene Pitney, Bobby Vee, Rhythm of the Dance, Isla Grant, Kamahl, The Four Kinsmen, The Australian Bee Gees Show, Karen Knowles, Don Williams, Rodney Vincent, Don McLean and many more.